Music of Casa del Sol


-David E. Poole-


A retreat center located in the heart of Ghost Ranch, in the high desert of northern New Mexico, Casa del Sol was dedicated in May 2006, with the vision of becoming “a community of the Living Presence Seeking the Oneness of the Human Soul and the Healing of Creation.”  One of the visionaries of this young, "dispersed" community is the well-known author and teacher on Celtic spirituality, John Philip Newell.  John Philip has produced a variety of new texts, some wholly original, some based on scripture, that re-envision the connection between the creator, human beings, and the “natural” world.  It has been a privilege to be asked to set some of these texts to music, most of which have been incorporated into the unique Morning and Evening Prayer liturgies.  

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All the music from the Casa del Sol liturgies is available for licensing by churches or other organizations.  You pay a one-time fee of $30 for the rights to duplicate the music in any quantity and for as long as you like.  I also offer a comprehensive Casa del Sol license, which allows you to use anything from the corpus.  All the options are listed below.

 The Complete Music from the Liturgies of Casa del Sol.  This resource contains all the music from the inception of Casa del Sol and the rights thereto. (The license includes future additions to the corpus.)

$100 flat fee to license

 Awake, Awake for three-part assembly.  This chant is intended as a gathering piece to precede Morning Prayer.  The lines are intuitive, allowing most groups to manage a cappella.  Guitar chords are supplied if more support is desired. 

 $30 flat fee to license           View the score       Listen

 Casa del Sol Blessing of Aaron for 2-part assembly.  This gentle setting of a new text based on Numbers 6: 24-26 is appropriate for either choir or congregation at the conclusion of a worship service.

$30 flat fee to license           View the score         Listen 


 Casa del Sol Blessing of Heaven for unison or two-part assembly.  A generous blessing invoking God through the elements of creation and set to an original, celtic-style melody.  Unison or as a round.

$30 flat fee to license      View the score          Listen 

 Casa del Sol Blessings of Jesus for cantor and assembly.  The cantor sets the pitch and the pace and the people join in this new rendering of Matthew 5: 3-10, also know as the Beatitudes.

$30 flat fee to license            View the score        Listen

 Celtic Earth Mass for Cantor and two-part assembly with keyboard and/or guitar and shaman drum.  Three elements from the “ordinary” of the mass are re-visioned through the lens of Celtic Christianity.  Musically, the same material is reshaped in each, allowing for quick learning and confident singing by the congregants.

$50 for entire mass           View the score

$30 flat fee to license individually 

            Holy, Holy, Holy          View the score          Listen

            Christ, Have Mercy     View the score         Listen

             Lamb of God             View the score            Listen

 Casa del Sol Prayer of Jesus for cantor and assembly.  A fresh, evocative version of the Lord's Prayer set in a simple call-and-echo manner.  

$30 flat fee to license          View the score     Listen

 Casa del Sol Song of Mary for two-part assembly (women-men).  The passage often known as the Magnificat, the source is Luke 1: 46-55.

$30 flat fee to license          View the score     Listen

 Casa del Sol Song of Simeon for assembly (optional two-part).  A chant-like setting based on Luke 2: 29-32

$30 flat fee to license          View the score         Listen

 Ground of All Being for unison or two-part assembly.

The text is a distillation of the Casa del Sol Prayer of Jesus (itself a paraphrase of the Lord's Prayer).  The new setting is folksy and lilting, providing a fresh perspective on this timeless prayer.

 $30 flat fee to license     View the score        Listen

 Hallelujah del Sur for two- or three-part assembly.  A driving, celebratory response in the style of a Latin America samba. 

$30 flat fee to license            View the score        Listen   

 Watch, O Watch for three-part assembly.  Intended as a gathering chant to precede Night  Prayer, this piece can be sung in one, two or three parts, a capella if desired or with guitar.

$30 flat fee to license           View the score     Listen